Smoking is addictive and triggers cancer, heart disease and respiratory system diseases. Smoking effects smokers as well as those around them. There is no safe degree of smoking. can deliver nicotine however, not the maximum amount of, as quickly. Swapping to these cleaner sources of nicotine or using them to wean yourself off nicotine totally is w… Read More

This phone learning resource s actually a web link to many more resources that can help you out. Besides the key hotline that is excellent for providing one-on-one counseling, this learning resource provides a stopping program, links to local smoking cessation resources, and a wealth of other things to help you kick the habit. Odds are, when there … Read More

As you read this, you are most likely filled with panic with the considered being without that reassuring packet of cigarettes in your bag or pocket! You might have been smoking for a long time. Maybe this is the first time you are really considering giving up” or perhaps you have tried before and failed. In any case may be - don't be discouraged… Read More

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